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ShopBack x Carousell World Cup Tournament Fair 2018 Rules

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1. Introduction

1.1 Definition

The ShopBack x Carousell World Cup Tournament Fair 2018 (“Tournament”) is organized by ShopBack (“Organizer”) and produced by Zenway Productions Pte Ltd (“Producer”).


1.2 Application

This Rules and Regulations stated will apply to all players participating in this Tournament.


2. Tournament Information

2.1. Key Dates

Registration Period: 7th June 2018 – 21st June 2018

Tournament Dates: 24th June 2018

Registration Link:
Registrations will close on 21st June 2018 at 2359hrs sharp.
All registered players must present his/ her identification document at the point of registration on the tournament day for verification and record purposes.


2.2. Tournament Format

The Tournament will be played in a Two-Legged + Penalty format.

The Tournament will be played in World Cup Kickoff mode

In the event if there is a bug which doesn’t allow players to go to extra time after a aggregate draw in world cup mode, players will play a game in golden goal + penalties to tiebreak.


2.3. Platform

Console: Sony PlayStation 4


2.4. Registration Fee

Registration: SGD$8*
*Food and Vouchers will be included


3. Prize Pool

3.1 Prize Pool Breakdown

Champion: S$750

1st Runner Up: S$500

2nd Runner Up: S$150

4th Place: S$100


4. Tournament Settings

4.1 Game-play Format

Gamepad: Sony Playstation 4 Controllers only

Player attributes: Unique

Teams Allowed: Only National Teams


4.2 Game-play Settings

Game settings will be set by the referees on Tournament day

  • Penalty set target: Off
  • Difficulty level: Legendary
  • Half length: 6 minutes
  • Injuries: On
  • Offside: On
  • Time/Score display: On
  • Camera: Tele Broadcasting
  • Radar: 2D
  • Commentary Volume: 0
  • Stadium Ambience: 8
  • Music Volume: 0
  • Controls: Tactical defending
  • During any penalty kicks, the ‘Set Target’ is to be turned off before taking the penalty. Should it not be turn off, any goals scored will not be counted


5. Rules and Conduct

5.1. Pre-Match

Players are recommended to be standing by at the tournament site 15 minutes before their game.

Players must be contactable at all times through their registered phone number.


5.2. No-Show

Should a player be absent and uncontactable during registration or attendance taking phase, that player will be marked as late and will not be allowed to participate in the Tournament.

Should a player be late for his or her match, the penalty will be as follows.

  • 15 minutes late: Forfeiture of first game in the series
  • 20 minutes late: Forfeiture of the full series


5.3. Match Reporting

Players must report the results after each series to the tournament admins.


5.4. In-between Series and Games

Players are not recommended to go on breaks between matches and series unless approved by a tournament admin.

Should a player need to take a quick break, seek out an admin or marshal.

Players MUST remain contactable throughout the Tournament.


5.5. Match

Players are allowed to pause the game only when the ball is not in play, meaning it has left the field or a foul has been committed.

Pauses MUST only be used to make substitutions and formation/tactics adjustments.

Should a player pause when ball is not in play or the pause was not for official reasons, the player will be penalized accordingly.


5.6 Conduct

To maintain fairness and sportsmanship between players during the Tournament, the Organizer reserves the right to penalize players whom show any unsportsmanlike behaviour such as:

  • Deliberate stalling of the game
  • Deliberate leaving of a match before it ends
  • Usage of exploits and bugs (It is the responsibility of players to understand and avoid all current illegal exploits)
  • Gambling
  • Match fixing
  • Coaching during a match (Communication of any kind between a player and a member of the public may be regarded as coaching)
  • Other unsportsmanlike conduct (Excessive bad manners, physical violence, etc.)

Participants whom fail to comply with exemplary standards of conduct will be strictly dealt with.

The Organizer reserves any right to disqualify any players that do not comply with the rules.

Any decision made by the Organizer and referees is final.


6. Prize Distribution

All prize money will be paid within 30 days after the conclusion of ShopBack x Carousell World Cup Tournament Fair 2018 . All prize money transfers are to be handled via bank transfer. Should any winners not receive their prize money, kindly contact the organizers for verification.

The Organizer’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained.

The Organizer reserves the right to replace any Winner if he/she is found to be disqualified.


7. Disclaimer

This Tournament is not affiliated with or sponsored by Electronic Arts Inc. or its licensor(s).

The Management and Organizer, ShopBack, and the Tournament Producer, Zenway Productions Pte Ltd, reserves the right to modify the present Rules and Conditions at any time without prior notice.